Broadsoft UC-One

UC-One is an easy-to-use unified communications suite that helps you work the way you want and where you want – making integrated HD audio and video, messaging, screen sharing, file sharing and conferencing available on PCs, browsers, tablets and mobile phones.

Work the Way You Want

Work is what you do, it’s not a place. This requires communication and collaboration tools that empower the workforce to stay connected, with uninterrupted access to information from anywhere, on any device.

BroadSoft’s UC-One® unified communications platform is built for productivity. With user-friendly features delivered from the cloud, you stay connected to the people and content that accelerate your business and build revenue.

BroadSoft UC-One doesn’t lock you into a “one size fits all” approach. You can adopt the precise capabilities your business needs, whether it’s simple but powerful cloud-based business phone service, or the latest in advanced unified communications and collaboration services.


UC & Mobility are Becoming Synonymous

UC-One delivers the mobile- first cloud communications and collaboration solutions required by fast-paced business.

  • Benefit from “persona management” and port multiple phone lines and pro les across a virtually unlimited number of devices.
  • Work more productively with screen sharing, file sharing, instant messaging, presence and other advanced capabilities.
  • Use any mobile handset to make phone calls using your business identity.
  • Move seamlessly from your office phone to your mobile device – even in mid-call.

UC-One mobile applications connect to any networks, so whether you’re at home, in the office, on the road, or roaming internationally, your office features are with you on your mobile phone.


Features Available on Any Mobile Device

  • Persona management, allowing multiple lines and multiple pro les on a virtually unlimited number of devices.
  • Advanced capabilities, such as screen sharing, le sharing, instant messaging, presence and more.
  • Deep mobile integration, for a mobile- rst calling experience.
  • Mid-call feature support, so you can take all your o ce voice features with you on your mobile.

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Powerful Features

UC-One provides a wide range of features to help you make dramatic productivity gains.

Cloud PBX

At its core, UC-One is a cloud PBX that provides all the services you need to operate day to day:

  • Auto-Attendant
  • Hunt Groups
  • Call Queue
  • Voicemail
  • Receptionist
  • Call Park
  • Boss-Admin

…and hundreds of other PBX features are delivered from the most reliable platform available.

By adopting UC-One as your cloud PBX, you get predictable costs and scalable capabilities that free you to focus on your core competencies–not on the PBX in the closet. You will feel con dent that your phone system can grow with your business, regardless of geography, distribution and demographics.

SIP Trunking

UC-One supports SIP trunking, giving you important flexibility and control. If your business has multiple sites, you can choose a phased migration strategy, rather than converting all sites to the cloud at the same time. Link your existing PBXs with UC-One users and discover the joys of a uniform corporate dialing plan. You can adopt the same heterogeneous approach when you add a new branch office. Let UC-One serve the new location and achieve seamless interoperability with your existing PBX-based network.

HD Voice & Video

Brilliant HD voice and video are the cornerstone of UC-One. Wideband audio codecs capture every verbal nuance, while HD video relays crisp visual details. You have the same superior quality, whether you are connecting one-on-one, or with a large group.

My Room

UC-One My Room makes conferencing and collaboration a breeze, by giving each user a dedicated, always available virtual meeting room. My Room eliminates the need to reserve a conference bridge or deal with cumbersome bridge numbers and passcodes. Instead you can connect with anyone inside or outside the business, using a browser-based client. Groups can easily meet, chat, share desktops and talk using voice and video. Moderator controls allow you to mute or dismiss participants and keep meetings on track.

One Number

The most expensive call is the opportunity you missed when you were away from your desk. With UC-One one-number capabilities, your calls follow you anywhere. Persona management lets you control when you’re available and when you’re not, and lets you control whether you display your personal or business number, when making phone calls.

Contextual Intelligence

To make your life easier, UC-One incorporates cutting-edge apps that appear to think for themselves. Powered by contextual intelligence, BroadSoft Hub determines who you are communicating with and retrieves a list of contextually relevant documents–placing information you might need at your fingertips.

Instant Messaging & Presence

With embedded IM&P, a colleague can check your availability before calling you. Your status is automatically updated when you are on the phone (even your mobile), so you don’t get interrupted. Flexible IM capabilities carry forward into My Room group calls–letting conference participants send and receive messages. Multi-party chat allows the team to share links, answer questions, and engage in sidebar conversations without interrupting the flow of the meeting.

Desktop Sharing & Collaboration

Your UC-One apps make it simple to share documents, presentations, spreadsheets, web pages and other content with your team. Intuitive tools let you quickly invite employees, customers, partners and suppliers to connect from any device. Get everyone working off the same material and lower your risk of errors.

Key UC-One Benefits

  • Offers a bOpen platform, with the broadest range of unified communications services, which integrates with market-leading business productivity applications
  • Optimizes the user experience by combining all communication services into a single, intuitive interface, accessible across a variety of devices
  • Scales to meet the needs of any size business–micro, SMB, mid-market or large enterprise
  • Improves personal productivity and business efficiency

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