Cloud Services

Worry Free Data Management

Powered by the Cloud

Our cloud services offer new possibilities for data management. By moving your applications to the Cloud, you can:

  • Access your company’s applications anywhere, anytime using an internet connection
  • Customize services based on your business needs
  • Ensure business continuity in the event of an on-site disaster
  • Avoid capital expenditures and reduce computer hardware expenditures
  • Simplify maintenance and support
  • Host your VoIP Phone System
  • Host your Wireless Network Controller

Hosted VoIP

As the modern workplace develops into an increasingly mobile environment, having a modern phone system is essential. Learn More

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server, is a server that is partitioned with each section acting as its own server. Typically this is less expensive than a dedicated server but has more flexibility and functionality than a shared plan.

Cloud Storage

With Total Technologies’ Cloud Storage service you can access your data and applications from the internet rather than hosting it on-site at your office. We’ll provide the server, the operating system, the anti-virus and monitor and manage them 24/7/365.

Secure Backup

Back up important files quickly and automatically to secure your business information in the event of an unexpected computer crash or hardware failure. Files are stored offsite so they are protected from fire, flood or theft. Learn More

Hosted Email

Get Hosted Exchange business e-mail from a name you know and trust. Access your email from any internet connected computer or mobile device. Learn More

Web Hosting

Total Technologies offers a cloud computing solution that provides your organization with a flexible, highly scalable, and low-cost way to deliver your websites and web applications.